Missions are a very  important part of our church. We encourage each person to get involved in mission trips to other parts of the world. This expands one’s vision for the need of the gospel to go to all the world.

ENIC has made an impact in Nigeria where we helped financially to build a school; in Kenya where we supported a home for unwanted children for three years as well as helping financially to build a kitchen; in Haiti where we helped financially to rebuild a church destroyed in the recent earthquake;  in Cuba where we helped Touching Your World Ministries take computers to pastors; in India where we have helped a local pastor build other churches in rural areas; and in Belize where we have financially supported Touching Your World Ministries as they purchased and begun building a church, education center, homes, and medical and dental building in a very poor area.

Supporting missions is the very heart of ENIC and we encourage our members to go on mission trips to expand their ministry gifts and realize how important each person is in the Kingdom of God.